Audio & Streaming

Globally, audio streaming, podcasting, streaming and gaming are moving incredibly fast – Detonator represents two huge players in this space. is perfectly positioned as the market leader, an aggregator on the continent where you can discover & listen to podcasts, thousands of hours of podcasts for a wide range of publishers, with hundreds of new episodes published daily! Convenient listening, wherever you are.

In 2013 Amazon bought for over a billion dollars. Globally, the most advanced, largest gaming streaming platform where users spend hours watching fellow gamers give tips, advice, do new game reviews and watch eSports tournaments.

IONO.FM is the continental leader on podcast media, with a pool of over 1000 content types, powered by 750 content partners including some of the biggest brands in the world and in Africa.

TWITCH.TV is the world’s largest gaming category streaming service and is owned by Amazon Inc, with 280,000 local users.

  • Standard formats: R350 CPM
  • Large formats: R450 CPM