Detonator dominates gaming media – our portfolio covers the largest gaming brand in the world, IGN, the 2nd largest game publisher, Gameloft, the largest local publisher with Pixel Vulture and then one of the most innovative media formats with ads inside gaming consoles with Console Media.

We reach almost 6 million elusive gaming millennials – across mobile, tablets, XBOX, Play Station and streaming services – and have helped over 90 brands get in front of the audience, across Africa.


Console MediaConsole Gaming Media
1,6 million SA gamers

Ads inside the most popular console games, by country, across Africa. This platform shows large format banners & video inside the games, while you are playing.


Detonator is an exclusive partner  for the world’s leading in-game  advertising platform reaching  gamers with dynamic in-game  banner or video advertising in console, on PC’s, tablets and mobile.

  • Large Banners R400 CPM
  • Video R450 CPM


INGThe worlds #1 gaming portal
500,000 gamers across Africa

Africa’s leading portal for all things games, entertainment, technology and fan culture. Reaching avid gamers in the right environment across all devices.

  • 500,000 Monthly African Users
  • 30sec Pre Roll Video: R400 CPM
  • Leaderboard/Ad Box: R350 CPM
  • 970×250/Half Page Ad: R400 CPM
  • Full Page Takeover: R15,000/day


Gameloft# 2 game publisher worldwide
19 million impressions across SA.

Top publisher by downloads and activity, consistently the top game recommendations in all app stores, globally.

  • 30 second Pre Roll
  • Video R450 CPM


60,000+ local unique users

Gaming, tech, entertainment website with content guzzling, culture crazy, obsessed readers every month. Local tech, entertainment and gaming  website.

  • 60,000 Monthly SA UU
  • Standard CPM – R350
  • Content Packages available